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Assurance Mapping

Assurance mapping allows organisations to make informed decisions about their assurance processes' effectiveness and target assurance in areas of greatest need.

Pitt Group staff have all worked across the “three lines” in organisations and in external audit. This has allowed us to build an assurance mapping methodology that fully capitalises on assurance across an organisation, creating significant efficiencies, and improving the effectiveness of assurance services.

The Pitt Group methodology uses data visualisation to bring assurance maps to life. Our approach will allow you to: 

  • capture and present details of the controls and assurance that mitigate risks 

  • filter and drill down to gain a better understanding of the controls and assurance that underpin your organisation’s assurance framework  

  • map risks, controls and assurance to corporate objectives, organisation structure, business functions and more.  

  • link assurance to the structures, outputs and language of business teams  

  • develop and publish interactive reports, tables and charts for stakeholders to analyse and use to support decision-making.  

Wanting to map assurance?

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