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Pitt Group

Measuring and Enhancing Audit Quality

Covid-19 has fundamentally impacted organisations and Chief Audit Executives are facing increasing pressure to deliver high quality, value-adding audits that offer genuine insight to their organisations.   

Building a Quality Assurance and Improvement Program (QAIP) allows audit function to achieve the quality demanded by stakeholders in disrupted environments.

Thinking Differently About
Audit and Assurance Services

Pitt Group has provided audit and assurance services since 2003. We are recognised as leaders in the profession, and deliver each engagement in accordance with professional standards. 

We use the latest auditing techniques and are leaders in the use of data analytics and visualisation.

Our assurance services

Pitt Group provides a range of audit and assurance services including:

  • internal audits

  • performance audits

  • controls assurance

  • design of control assurance frameworks

  • annual audit planning

  • assurance mapping

Stories of Assurance

How we have provided insight

Learn how Pitt Group worked with a major government agency to provide assurance over its workforce planning processes.


How we mapped assurance

Learn how Pitt Group works with organisations to identify and map risks, controls and associated assurance.


How we have developed assurance frameworks

Learn how Pitt Group worked with a major government agency to develop a controls assurance framework to support its grants management program.


How we have assessed fraud controls

Learn how Pitt Group has worked with organisations to provide assurance over their fraud controls.

Assurance stories

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