Providing Insight

Audit and Assurance

Pitt Group specialises in complex internal audits and performance audits and delivers co-sourced and fully outsourced audit services to a range of clients. 

Our staff are senior assurance professionals, each with a minimum of fifteen year's experience.

We have the skills and experience to provide assurance across a broad range of areas including public policy implementation, human resources, privacy and information security, legislative compliance, ethics and fraud risks, culture and change.

Audit and Assurance Services

Pitt Group specialise in internal audits, performance audits and assurance engagements and works collaboratively with clients to provide insight on governance, risk and control.

Our staff are senior, experienced assurance professionals, able to undertake complex audit and assurance engagements. We are committed to building capability and thrive on the opportunity to continuously improve client organisations.

Internal Audit

Providing Insight

Pitt Group provides both co-sourced and fully outsourced internal audit services - ranging from the development of risk-based internal audit plans to audit delivery.


In short, we provide a value-add service that ensure the organisation benefits from an effective internal audit function conformant with professional standards

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Program Assurance

Providing Assurance

Pitt Group provides assurance to organisations through performance audits and assurance engagements.

Each of our staff have practical experience working within organisations, and our recommendations account for the complexity of service delivery in complex and disrupted environments.

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Assurance Mapping

Coordinating Assurance

Assurance mapping allows organisations to make informed decisions about the effectiveness of their assurance processes and to target assurance at areas of greatest need.


The Pitt Group methodology uses data visualisation to bring assurance maps to life. 

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