Welcome to Risk Mat

"The Risk Mat tool was originally developed by my company, Pitt Group, as an internal consulting tool to improve the process and outcomes of our clients' risk management activities. Interest and demand for the Risk Mat tool has been such that we have now extended access to the tool for clients beyond our traditional consulting activities.


The Risk Mat tool is not a software program. It is a facilitated, interactive, risk identification and decision making process designed to bring together the collective knowledge, skills and understanding of the people who have responsibility for running an organisation (or parts thereof). I believe that the people best positioned to understand your organisation's risks are you and your staff. Our facilitated process provides you with the ability to collectively discuss and identify your risks in an efficient and effective manner.


If you require further information, would like to explore options for using the Risk Mat tool or schedule a demonstration, please contact Pitt Group and we will be happy to assist."


Sally-Anne Pitt - Managing Director

Pitt Group