Pitt Group Engagements

Pitt Group is committed to delivering maximum value to each client.  

We use a variety of approaches for engagements – from facilitated control self-assessments and health checks to comprehensive assurance and consulting engagements. We work closely with clients to determine the type of engagement best suited to their needs and customise the methodology to maximise insight. 

Audit of Fraud Control Plan

Pitt Group was engaged by a government department to provide assurance over the department’s Fraud Control Framework and Plan. Through the review, Pitt Group was asked to identify any key gaps in the framework or plan and to identify opportunities for improvement. 


The review specifically covered: 

  • the organisation’s Fraud Control Plan and fraud risk assessment 

  • structures, policies, procedures, plans and systems in place as key controls for existing fraud risks. 


Pitt Group used a variety of methods to undertake the review, including: 

  • assessing the compliance of the existing Fraud Control Plan with the Commonwealth Fraud Control Framework.  

  • reviewing quality and completeness of the existing fraud risk register. 

  • assessing whether the existing controls are appropriate to mitigate the identified sources of fraud risk.  

  • identifying any changes to the organisation’s operations and environment that could materially affect the nature and/or significance of fraud risks.  

  • in consultation with the audit sponsor, selecting a sample of existing fraud controls to review.  

  • providing early feedback on any significant gaps / weaknesses to provide the organisation with an opportunity to consider / commence addressing of issues.  

  • revising the Fraud Control Plan (including the fraud risk register) as required. 

Pitt Group was able to assure the department that their Fraud Control Framework and Plan were comprehensive and aligned to the Commonwealth’s Fraud Control Framework. Pitt Group was also able to assure the department that the Fraud Control Plan and fraud risk register supported the department to identify and mitigate its fraud risks. However, Pitt Group worked collaboratively with the department to identify several practical ideas to further improve the Framework and Plan.