Pitt Group Engagements

Pitt Group is committed to delivering maximum value to each client.  

We use a variety of approaches for engagements – from facilitated control self-assessments and health checks to comprehensive assurance and consulting engagements. We work closely with clients to determine the type of engagement best suited to their needs and customise the methodology to maximise insight. 

Audit of Workforce Planning

Pitt Group was engaged by a small government agency to assess the extent to which the agency’s current arrangements and activities support the development of the capability of its workforce. 


The review specifically covered:  

  • functions and processes used to identify the skills and competencies required within the organisation’s workforce.   

  • capacity to develop staff capabilities.   

  • systems to monitor and oversee the development of workforce capability and alignment with the current and future needs of the organisation.   

Standing Meeting

Pitt Group used a variety of methods to undertake the review, including:


  • reviewing the effectiveness of the organisation’s current strategies, functions, systems, processes and activities that explicitly relate to identifying capability needs and building capability.  

  • considering both formal and informal means by which the organisation develops the capability of its workforce. 

  • compiling a list of the workforce planning strategies / activities undertaken by the organisation. 

  • comparing that list against the suite of strategies / activities contained within better practice workforce plans and identify the existence of any gaps in the organisation’s arrangements 

  • conducting interviews with key personnel.


Pitt Group found that the agency had yet to develop a structured and formalised approach to workforce planning and worked collaboratively with the agency to develop a number of actions to enhance maturity. These included:  


  • incorporating workforce planning risks into a risk management plan.  

  • prioritising the training of staff in workforce planning before the next business planning cycle. 

  • developing a business case to assess the value of procuring a departmental workforce planning forecasting tool. 

  • submitting periodic reports to the relevant committee on each unique project, initiative and program.