Pitt Group
Assurance Mapping

An assurance map is a visual representation of the organisation’s risks and all the assurance services – internal and external – that cover those risks. The purpose of the map is to highlight gaps, dependencies and duplications in an organisation’s control environment and activities.  


Traditionally, an assurance map is presented in matrix form. A static visual that provides a high-level overview of risk areas, assurance providers and assurance coverage. A useful but limited snapshot of risk and assurance.  

Working with Pitt Group

Using data visualisation software, Pitt Group’s methodology brings your organisations assurance map to life. Our approach will allow you to: 

  • Capture and present details of the controls and assurance that mitigate risks 

  • Filter and drill down to gain a better understanding of the controls and assurance that underpin your organisations assurance framework  

  • Map risks, controls and assurance to corporate objectives, organisation structure, business functions and more.  

  • Link assurance to the structures, outputs and language of business teams  

  • Develop and publish interactive reports, tables and charts for stakeholders to analyse and use to support decision making.  


Pitt Group’s approach will move beyond identifying coverage to assessing assurance effectiveness. Analyse trends and changes over time to determine if assurance is meeting the organisation’s needs.